The Construction Defect Center is saying, "we desperately need neighborhood, or local US plumbing companies to get the word out to their customers about Uponor's, or RTI's P Pex, and MB Pex defective brass fittings. Based on court papers-the entire home should have all of the defective Uponor, or RTI's P Pex, or MB Pex fittings replaced." In court documents, Minnesota-based Uponor Inc. admits to selling defective, and dangerous plumbing fittings, but refuses to honor homeowner warranties. The group says," we desperately need to get the word out to plumbers in every US city, county, and state, in the hopes they can contact their homeowners-clients, who have the P Pex, or MB Pex Uponor fittings, or RTI defective fittings in their homes, or buildings. Again based on court papers, we think the fittings should all be replaced, and we want to hear from plumbers, or homeowners who have already had to replace one of these fittings." Plumbers, or homeowners wishing more information can call the Construction Defect Center anytime at 866-714-6466, or contact the group via its web site at http://ConstructionDefectCenter.Com