What you are about to see is the real video shot by WTF Magazine's owner who was arrested on charges of Conspiracy to Commit 1st Degree Murder for THIS VIDEO! This is a clear example of Baltimore's overcharging and malicious prosecution. Charges were later dropped due to lack of evidence only after he spent 50 days in Baltimore City Jail facing three life sentences! This is an outrage and clear Civil Rights violation. Since when does taking a cell video make you a Conspirator to murder??? How does a black eye turn into attempted murder? Why was a cop with the same last name as the victim involved in the witnesses statement? Everyone that knows the facts of this case agrees someone's dirty. As you watch this, do note that we do not condone the actions of anyone in this video and we aren't attempting to justify those action, but are the two members alone in this fight... or were all parties involved in the scuffle? Blatant lies overlooked by the police...why? Police say the victims were totally innocent and just defending themselves... or were they in fact on the offensive for much of the fight??? You decide!